Triple Bag Bucket - Boil-The-Bag Peanuts

Triple Bag Bucket

Our Triple Bag Buckets contain 3 Porter's Boil-The-Bag Peanut kits, 1 decorative tin, and 1 souvenir magnet. Guaranteed to put a smile on a boiled peanut lover's face!

Four seasoning options to choose from:
 - Original
 - Cajun
 - Garlic Onion
 - Buffalo Wing

Porter's Boil-The-Bag Peanut kits take all the guesswork out of making the perfect pot of boiled peanuts! Each bag contains premium raw, dried peanuts as well as a unique blend of salt and seasonings. No measuring... No mess! You simply take an entire bag, unopened, and place it in your Crock-pot (slow cooker), instant pot, or stock pot and add water! Perfect boiled peanuts... every time! Each bag yields ~3.5 lbs of cooked peanuts and is similar in size to a 5 lb bag of flour.