Frequently Asked Questions - Boil-The-Bag Peanuts
Some Peanut Points to Ponder
How big are the bags?

Each bag is about the same size as a 5 lb. bag of flour and yields (after cooking) 3.5 lbs of delicious boiled peanuts.

What kind of peanuts do you use?
Are these green peanuts?
Are these jumbos?
Why do you boil the peanuts in the bag?
Can I add water while the peanuts are cooking?
How do I know when they are ready?
The stamp on the bag dissolved and turned my water a green tint. Is it safe?
Does your product contain any MSG's?
How many servings does a bag contain?
How can I store my peanuts once cooked?
How long will a bag last before I need to cook it?