Frequently Asked Questions - Boil-The-Bag Peanuts
Some Peanut Points to Ponder
How big are the bags?

Each bag is about the same size as a 5 lb. bag of flour and yields (after cooking) 3.5 lbs of delicious boiled peanuts.

What kind of peanuts do you use?
Are these green peanuts?
Do the shells get soft/mushy?
Why do you boil the peanuts in the bag?
Can I add water while the peanuts are cooking?
How do I know when they are ready?
The stamp on the bag dissolved and turned my water a green tint. Is it safe?
Does your product contain any MSG's?
How many servings does a bag contain?
How can I store my peanuts once cooked?
How long will a bag last before I need to cook it?