Homemade Boiled Peanuts Kit - Save $4.00 (4 Bags) - Boil-The-Bag Peanuts

Boil-The-Bag Peanuts Kit - (4 Bags)

Southern Boiled Peanuts!

Want to know how to make perfect DIY boiled peanuts at home? It’s easy with Porter's (almost famous) BOIL-THE-BAG Peanut kits. Each kit comes with everything you need to make delicious Southern boiled peanuts in the comfort of your own home.

Perfect for ballgames, family reunions, tailgates, church potlucks, or any other time you just want to enjoy a little taste of the South. Just drop a bag in your slow cooker, Instant Pot, or stock pot, add water, and let the BAG do its thing! Made from only the best raw, redskin valencia peanuts and any of our four unique seasoning blends, this snack is sure to put a big ol' Southern grin on anyone's face.

Select your favorite flavor 4-pack, or Mix-n-Match** for a combination of tasty goodness!

Choose your favorite flavor of boiled peanuts:
Original Boiled Peanuts
Cajun Boiled Peanuts 
Garlic Onion Boiled Peanuts
Buffalo Wing Boiled Peanuts

Boil-The-Bag Peanut kits last up to 4 months in the pantry, or 12 months in the fridge before needing to be cooked.

**Want to Mix-n-Match Flavors?  Let us know what you would like in the "Order Notes” once you add to cart!**

  Items Needed

  • 1 gallon water 
  • Unopened bag of peanuts
  • A slow cooker (Crock-pot), stock pot, or Instant Pot - (6-8 qt recommended)

Preparation (Slow Cooker or Stock Pot)

  • Add 1 gallon of water to pot (enough for bag to fully submerge once cooked)
  • Place unopened bag in water (bag will float, stamp on bag dissolves)
  • Cover and cook 2 hours (slow cooker on   Hi, stock pot on   Med-Hi)
  • Remove lid and flip bag over (top to bottom)
  • Cover and cook (min. 8-10 hours for either method)
  • Reduce to   Low  once bag has completely submerged and allow to soak for additional flavor and tenderness (2-4 hours...or longer)
  • Remove bag from pot, Drain and Enjoy. (Caution: BAG WILL BE HOT!)

Preparation (Instant Pot)

  • Add water to “max fill” line
  • Place unopened bag of peanuts in water (bag will float, stamp will dissolve)
  • Seal lid, set steam release to "Do Not Vent" and pressure cook on   Hi  for 4 hours
  • Allow Instant Pot to naturally depressurize (about 2-4 more hours)
  • Remove bag from pot, Drain and Enjoy. (Caution: BAG WILL BE HOT!)

My “lazy” method: Add 1 gallon of water to slow cooker at bedtime. Place unopened bag of peanuts in water. Cover and cook on   Hi  all night. Reduce to   Low  in morning. Around lunchtime, remove bag from slow cooker, drain, and enjoy.